Valentin De Bortoli

Recent Publications

. Maximum entropy methods for texture synthesis: theory and practice. 2019 - Submitted to SIMODS (journal).
. Maximum likelihood estimation of regularisation parameters in high-dimensional inverse problems: an empirical Bayesian approach. 2019 - Submitted to SIIMS (journal).
. Approximate Bayesian Computation with the Sliced-Wasserstein Distance. 2019 - Submitted to ICASSP (conference).
. Efficient stochastic optimisation by unadjusted Langevin Monte Carlo. Application to maximum marginal likelihood and empirical Bayesian estimation. 2019 - Submitted (journal).
. Convergence of diffusion and their discretizations: from continuous to discrete processes and back. 2019 - Submitted (journal).
. Macrocanonical models for texture synthesis. 2019 - Accepted in Scale Space and Variational Methods in Computer Vision (conference).


Differential Calculus

ENS Paris Saclay L3 differential calculus

Hilbert Analysis

ENS Paris Saclay agrégation Hilbert analysis

Fourier Analysis

ENS Paris Saclay agrégation Fourier analysis


ENS Paris Saclay M1 optimization